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Asbestos Inspections Madison WIAsbestos is a hazardous material, which can cause lung cancer, asbestos or mesothelioma if it is inhaled. Once a little-known mineral, asbestos is growing in a familiarity around the world due to the ever-increasing number of asbestos-related deaths. The fibers are microscopic, and can be found in virtually any type of building material.

Inspection Madison, Inspections Madison

With over 22 years in the industry, Advanced Health and Safety is well-prepared to take care of all of your asbestos needs. If you have questions such as, “How do I test for asbestos?”, or “How much does asbestos testing cost?”, call or email us today and we’ll walk you through the details of your situation and answer all of your questions.

Inspection Madison, Inspections Madison
Federal and state laws require building owners to perform or have performed an asbestos inspection prior to a renovation, demolition or fire training burn. All asbestos inspections must be conducted by a Wisconsin certified asbestos inspector. The asbestos building inspector will investigate all the building materials that could be impacted by the planned renovation or demolition and collect samples for testing to determine if there is any asbestos in the building product. There is no cut off date for performing asbestos surveys. Even if the building was constructed in 2010 and you are remodeling this year, and asbestos survey is required (because asbestos is not a banned product in the United States).
Asbestos Inspection, Madison

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